/Write Your California State Officials and Support Assembly Bill 1839

Write Your California State Officials and Support Assembly Bill 1839

Assembly Bill 1839, the California Film and Television Job Creation and Retention Act, is currently under consideration by committees of the California State Assembly. This landmark piece of legislation promises to make California competitive again for new film and television projects and associated jobs. At Film Works we believe this bill deserves your support, and in this post we discuss one of the best ways for you to show that support — sending a personalized letter.

In order to become law, AB1839 first needs to be reviewed by a number of committees. The bill cleared its first hurdle when it was passed out of the Assembly Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism and Internet Media last month.

Next AB1839 will head to the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee on May 13. It is critical before that meeting that the Chairman and Committee members receive personal letters of support from those personally affected by California’s ongoing loss of film production.

Letter Writing Basics

  • Letters of support should be mailed to the Committee members and also emailed to their Chiefs of Staff.
  • Letters should be sent to the attention of the Committee Chairman and also CC:’d to all members of the committee and Committee staff (see letter template below).
  • Letters should be to-the point and personalized to receive maximum consideration.  Tell your story, but feel free to use the facts presented on our Resources page to add color to your letter if you wish.


Letter Template

Download Support Letter Template


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